CCSF LogoBy participating in MESA, students will:

  • Identify their approach to problem solving, dissect their process to obtain a desired outcome, and refine their approach to problem solving for optimum results.
  • Acquire techniques and strategies to improve their time management, expand their ability to manage anxieties, and develop a personal plan for self-care.
  • Determine the motivational factors that drive them to succeed in life, develop strategies to leverage these factors when they face obstacles and challenges, and increase their emotional persistence.
  • Develop the ability to create a dynamic short and long-term support system that addresses their immediate and future needs that utilizes all resources (faculty, peers, companies, etc.) available to them.
  • Develop an educational plan that reflects their current aptitude and attitude towards success in their math and science courses. The student's educational plan will be adjusted on a semester basis as their self-efficacy changes, and will focus on preparation for optimal transfer to a four-year institution.
Diego Rivera Mural at CCSF