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    The mission of the MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) program at City College of San Francisco is to provide economically disadvantaged students who are majoring in science, technology, engineering or mathematics with the tools to excel academically, and to assist with transferring to four-year institutions in calculus-based majors.
    The overarching goal of the MESA program at CCSF is to recruit, retain, and successfully transfer economically and educationally disadvantaged students majoring in calculus-based STEM disciplines. Our approach is a student-centered model, where knowledge and information are personalized and contextualized, and strategies are explored for students to optimize their learning.
    Dr. Moore, the director of the program, has the philosophy of "empower yourself to empower others". All scholars that are part of the MESA family at CCSF are individually interviewed and vetted for this philosophy. Two of the primary objectives of the program are to:
    • build a foundation for success through the development of contextualized and personalized pathways into and through STEM,
    • and to provide research-based experiences for students that foster scientific inquiry, critical thinking and presentation skills.

    Diego Rivera Mural at CCSF

    The CCSF MESA program offers the following:

    •     Academic Excellence Workshops
    •     Academic Advising/Counseling
    •     Personal Empowerment Workshops
    •     Science-Related Career Advising
    •     Access To Research Opportunities
    •     Access To Scholarship Opportunities

    CCSF Science Building

    MESA Center at City College of San Francisco

    Dr. Frederick Moore, Director

    Science 142

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10AM - 4PM

Available courses

Materials used in the CCSF MESA Program, including workshop lessons, activities, videos, quizzes, and other guides to support STEM students.

Examples and copies of previous exams from universities and colleges to help you study and prepare for your classes.

Pictures and video from the Graduation Celebration held every Spring for students who are transferring to universities.